From birth he was kept in a basinet in his Mother’s beauty shop, and that’s where he spent most of his childhood days. The seeds of dedication, hard work, running a business and haircare excellence were planted. Today, Joseph C Thomas (aka “Joey”) is reaping a harvest and impacting lives in ways he never imagined.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Joey has been providing barber services since the age of 12! Early on, he knew instinctively that his purpose and passion would be connected to the hair care industry.

Joey is a razor-sharp visionary who has a huge heart to see everyday people do better, live better, and achieve better. Although he works in the community, his impact for positive change extends beyond the community.

As a passion-driven philanthropist, the Know Joey? Foundation was birthed and launched in 2007.  Joey saw an opportunity to heal and restore broken communities of the Greater Kansas City area and bring real change through positive influence, starting first in the community where he and his parents grew up.

The 501c3 foundation is designed to empower, lead and uplift young males in the Kansas City urban core through educational advancement and the exploration of entrepreneurial endeavors. One way is through its “Grooming for Success Program”, a youth camp to mentor and train Young Males on entrepreneurship. Another initiative, the annual “Fresh Cut, Fresh Start” Community Challenge providing free haircuts and school supplies for Kansas City youth. Since 2008, the community challenge has provided over 700 free haircuts!

Annually, the foundation hosts “Turkey Tuesday Community Challenge”, a 24-hour collection challenge to provide turkeys and other non-perishable food items to less fortunate families in the Kansas City area. To date, we have fed over 3,000 families for Thanksgiving.

The Know Joey? Foundation is on the move to expand its vision but it takes the support of sponsors and volunteers to champion for our cause. A select few cannot carry the mantle alone. It takes “teamwork to make the dream work” and we encourage your active involvement to uplift our communities and “be the change” that we need to see today.